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Git 2.33.1v2.33.1
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+Git 2.33.1 Release Notes
+This primarily is to backport various fixes accumulated during the
+development towards Git 2.34, the next feature release.
+Fixes since v2.33
+ * The unicode character width table (used for output alignment) has
+ been updated.
+ * Input validation of "git pack-objects --stdin-packs" has been
+ corrected.
+ * Bugfix for common ancestor negotiation recently introduced in "git
+ push" codepath.
+ * "git pull" had various corner cases that were not well thought out
+ around its --rebase backend, e.g. "git pull --ff-only" did not stop
+ but went ahead and rebased when the history on other side is not a
+ descendant of our history. The series tries to fix them up.
+ * "git apply" miscounted the bytes and failed to read to the end of
+ binary hunks.
+ * "git range-diff" code clean-up.
+ * "git commit --fixup" now works with "--edit" again, after it was
+ broken in v2.32.
+ * Use upload-artifacts v1 (instead of v2) for 32-bit linux, as the
+ new version has a blocker bug for that architecture.
+ * Checking out all the paths from HEAD during the last conflicted
+ step in "git rebase" and continuing would cause the step to be
+ skipped (which is expected), but leaves MERGE_MSG file behind in
+ $GIT_DIR and confuses the next "git commit", which has been
+ corrected.
+ * Various bugs in "git rebase -r" have been fixed.
+ * mmap() imitation used to call xmalloc() that dies upon malloc()
+ failure, which has been corrected to just return an error to the
+ caller to be handled.
+ * "git diff --relative" segfaulted and/or produced incorrect result
+ when there are unmerged paths.
+ * The delayed checkout code path in "git checkout" etc. were chatty
+ even when --quiet and/or --no-progress options were given.
+ * "git branch -D <branch>" used to refuse to remove a broken branch
+ ref that points at a missing commit, which has been corrected.
+ * Build update for Apple clang.
+ * The parser for the "--nl" option of "git column" has been
+ corrected.
+ * "git upload-pack" which runs on the other side of "git fetch"
+ forgot to take the ref namespaces into account when handling
+ want-ref requests.
+ * The sparse-index support can corrupt the index structure by storing
+ a stale and/or uninitialized data, which has been corrected.
+ * Buggy tests could damage repositories outside the throw-away test
+ area we created. We now by default export GIT_CEILING_DIRECTORIES
+ to limit the damage from such a stray test.
+ * Even when running "git send-email" without its own threaded
+ discussion support, a threading related header in one message is
+ carried over to the subsequent message to result in an unwanted
+ threading, which has been corrected.
+ * The output from "git fast-export", when its anonymization feature
+ is in use, showed an annotated tag incorrectly.
+ * Recent "diff -m" changes broke "gitk", which has been corrected.
+ * "git maintenance" scheduler fix for macOS.
+ * A pathname in an advice message has been made cut-and-paste ready.
+ * The "git apply -3" code path learned not to bother the lower level
+ merge machinery when the three-way merge can be trivially resolved
+ without the content level merge.
+ * The code that optionally creates the *.rev reverse index file has
+ been optimized to avoid needless computation when it is not writing
+ the file out.
+ * "git range-diff -I... <range> <range>" segfaulted, which has been
+ corrected.
+ * The order in which various files that make up a single (conceptual)
+ packfile has been reevaluated and straightened up. This matters in
+ correctness, as an incomplete set of files must not be shown to a
+ running Git.
+ * The "mode" word is useless in a call to open(2) that does not
+ create a new file. Such a call in the files backend of the ref
+ subsystem has been cleaned up.
+ * "git update-ref --stdin" failed to flush its output as needed,
+ which potentially led the conversation to a deadlock.
+ * When "git am --abort" fails to abort correctly, it still exited
+ with exit status of 0, which has been corrected.
+ * Correct nr and alloc members of strvec struct to be of type size_t.
+ * "git stash", where the tentative change involves changing a
+ directory to a file (or vice versa), was confused, which has been
+ corrected.
+ * "git clone" from a repository whose HEAD is unborn into a bare
+ repository didn't follow the branch name the other side used, which
+ is corrected.
+ * "git cvsserver" had a long-standing bug in its authentication code,
+ which has finally been corrected (it is unclear and is a separate
+ question if anybody is seriously using it, though).
+ * "git difftool --dir-diff" mishandled symbolic links.
+ * Sensitive data in the HTTP trace were supposed to be redacted, but
+ we failed to do so in HTTP/2 requests.
+ * "make clean" has been updated to remove leftover .depend/
+ directories, even when it is not told to use them to compute header
+ dependencies.
+ * Protocol v0 clients can get stuck parsing a malformed feature line.
+Also contains various documentation updates and code clean-ups.
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