BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master8275582: Don't purge metaspace mapping listsGravatar Thomas Stuefe 45 min.
pr/5181Rename from g1EvacuationFailureObjsInHR to g1EvacFailureObjsInHRGravatar Hamlin-Li 103 min.
pr/6075Merge branch 'ms_report' of https://github.com/kelthuzadx/jdk into ms_reportGravatar Yi Yang 3 hours
pr/6096use uncastGravatar Yi Yang 3 hours
pr/61158274179: AArch64: Support SVE operations with encodable immediatesGravatar Faye Gao 4 hours
pr/6099Adjust the code styleGravatar casparcwang 4 hours
pr/6105Add parameter to release_C_heap_structures.Gravatar Coleen Phillimore 7 hours
pr/5973Add @since tags.Gravatar Joe Darcy 7 hours
pr/5290Restore update of copyright messages in resource filesGravatar Jakob Cornell 7 hours
pr/6070revert the change of calling SystemDictionaryShared::start_dumping() in metas...Gravatar Calvin Cheung 9 hours
jdk-18+20jdk-18+20.tar.gz  jdk-18+20.zip  Gravatar Jesper Wilhelmsson 5 days
jdk-18+19jdk-18+19.tar.gz  jdk-18+19.zip  Gravatar Jesper Wilhelmsson 12 days
jdk-18+18jdk-18+18.tar.gz  jdk-18+18.zip  Gravatar Jesper Wilhelmsson 3 weeks
jdk-18+17jdk-18+17.tar.gz  jdk-18+17.zip  Gravatar Jesper Wilhelmsson 4 weeks
jdk-18+16jdk-18+16.tar.gz  jdk-18+16.zip  Gravatar Daniel D. Daugherty 5 weeks
jdk-18+15jdk-18+15.tar.gz  jdk-18+15.zip  Gravatar Daniel D. Daugherty 6 weeks
jdk-17-gatag f5ef0f1eed...Gravatar Kevin Rushforth 6 weeks
jdk-18+14jdk-18+14.tar.gz  jdk-18+14.zip  Gravatar Daniel D. Daugherty 7 weeks
jdk-18+13jdk-18+13.tar.gz  jdk-18+13.zip  Gravatar Daniel D. Daugherty 8 weeks
jdk-18+12jdk-18+12.tar.gz  jdk-18+12.zip  Gravatar Daniel D. Daugherty 2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
46 min.8275582: Don't purge metaspace mapping listsHEADmasterGravatar Thomas Stuefe 9-162/+19
3 hours8251134: Unwrapping a key with a Private Key generated by Microsoft CNG failsGravatar Weijun Wang 4-9/+210
3 hours8185844: MSCAPI doesn't list aliases correctlyGravatar Weijun Wang 2-51/+140
10 hours8269853: Prefetch::read should accept pointer to constGravatar Harold Seigel 13-24/+24
11 hours8275536: Add test to check that File::lastModified returns same time stamp as...Gravatar Clive Verghese 1-0/+60
13 hours8273712: C2: Add mechanism for rejecting inlining of low frequency call sites...Gravatar Igor Veresov 6-22/+34
13 hours8273678: TableAccessibility and TableRowAccessibility miss autoreleaseGravatar Artem Semenov 5-95/+153
15 hours8202932: java/awt/Component/NativeInLightShow/NativeInLightShow.java failsGravatar Alexander Zvegintsev 2-36/+35
15 hours8196440: Regression automated Test 'java/awt/TrayIcon/PopupMenuLeakTest/Popup...Gravatar Alexander Zvegintsev 2-2/+5
15 hours8268595: java/io/Serializable/serialFilter/GlobalFilterTest.java#id1 failed i...Gravatar Jaikiran Pai 1-12/+0