BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
pr/4523Merge branch 'master' into JDK-8263926Gravatar Guoxiong Li 26 hours
masterMergeGravatar Jesper Wilhelmsson 36 hours
pr/4535Updated tests to allow CompiledMethodLoad/Unload event to be sent in start phaseGravatar Alex Menkov 36 hours
pr/4533MergeGravatar Jesper Wilhelmsson 36 hours
pr/45348268974: jpackage fails to handle --dest option containing "bin" folderGravatar Alexey Semenyuk 36 hours
pr/4368Added comments. Streamlined flow for decode.Gravatar Scott Gibbons 36 hours
pr/4532IOPipe.quit should check if the pipe is connectedGravatar Alex Menkov 38 hours
pr/4522restore run in EATests.javaGravatar Patricio Chilano Mateo 39 hours
pr/4531Initial commitGravatar Thomas Schatzl 41 hours
pr/4530Update copyright year.Gravatar Christoph Göttschkes 44 hours
jdk-17+27jdk-17+27.tar.gz  jdk-17+27.zip  Gravatar Jesper Wilhelmsson 3 days
jdk-18+2jdk-18+2.tar.gz  jdk-18+2.zip  Gravatar Jesper Wilhelmsson 3 days
jdk-18+1jdk-18+1.tar.gz  jdk-18+1.zip  Gravatar Jesper Wilhelmsson 9 days
jdk-17+26jdk-17+26.tar.gz  jdk-17+26.zip  Gravatar Jesper Wilhelmsson 9 days
jdk-18+0jdk-18+0.tar.gz  jdk-18+0.zip  Gravatar Jesper Wilhelmsson 10 days
jdk-17+25jdk-17+25.tar.gz  jdk-17+25.zip  Gravatar Jesper Wilhelmsson 2 weeks
jdk-17+24jdk-17+24.tar.gz  jdk-17+24.zip  Gravatar Jesper Wilhelmsson 3 weeks
jdk-17+23jdk-17+23.tar.gz  jdk-17+23.zip  Gravatar Jesper Wilhelmsson 4 weeks
jdk-17+22jdk-17+22.tar.gz  jdk-17+22.zip  Gravatar Jesper Wilhelmsson 5 weeks
jdk-17+21jdk-17+21.tar.gz  jdk-17+21.zip  Gravatar Jesper Wilhelmsson 6 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2021-04-24Trailing space removedpr/3556Gravatar Tagir Valeev 1-1/+1
2021-04-24Add a reference from java.lang.Record to related Class methodsGravatar Tagir Valeev 1-0/+4
2021-04-24Fix cosmetic issuesGravatar Tagir Valeev 1-9/+8
2021-04-178265356: need code example for getting canonical constructor of a RecordGravatar Tagir Valeev 1-0/+13
2021-04-178265298: Hard VM crash when deadlock between "access" and higher ranked lock ...Gravatar Aleksey Shipilev 2-1/+68
2021-04-178264143: Lanai: RenderPerfTest.BgrSwBlitImage has artefacts on apple M1Gravatar Denis Konoplev 3-44/+47
2021-04-168265375: Bootcycle builds fail with StackOverflowError in cldrconverterGravatar Naoto Sato 1-1/+5
2021-04-168265154: vinserti128 operand mix up for KNL platformsGravatar Sandhya Viswanathan 1-2/+2
2021-04-168265381: ProblemList runtime/logging/RedefineClasses.java on macos-x64 -XcompGravatar Daniel D. Daugherty 1-1/+1
2021-04-168265358: ProblemList jdk/jshell/ToolBasicTest.java on macOS-aarch64Gravatar Daniel D. Daugherty 3-0/+13