BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
pr/2420Fixing shift immediate constants handling.Gravatar Cesar 5 hours
pr/3664Exclude duplicated operations in Cache.pull()Gravatar Alexey Bakhtin 6 hours
pr/3936overflowGravatar Albert Yang 6 hours
pr/3844Small fixesGravatar Alexander Zuev 10 hours
pr/3902v2Gravatar Zhengyu Gu 11 hours
master8265291: Error in Javadoc for doAccessibleAction API in AccessibleJSlider classGravatar Pankaj Bansal 15 hours
pr/3935remove c1 IfInstanceOfGravatar Yi Yang 15 hours
pr/38928266598: Exception values for AnnotationTypeMismatchException are not always ...Gravatar Rafael Winterhalter 16 hours
pr/3917unaliged_move for ppc/s390Gravatar Yi Yang 16 hours
pr/3747change to static finalGravatar Wanghuang-Huawei 17 hours
pr/3470swap the positions of two operands in cmp operation since the det register wi...Gravatar Denghui Dong 19 hours
pr/3870Spec wording correctionGravatar Prasanta Sadhukhan 21 hours
pr/39338266720: Wrong implementation in LibraryCallKit::inline_vector_shuffle_iotaGravatar Wanghuang-Huawei 23 hours
pr/3615x86_32 failsGravatar Yi Yang 23 hours
pr/39118266456: Replace direct TKit.run() calls with jdk.jpackage.test.Annotations.T...Gravatar alexander_matveev 24 hours
pr/39318266774: System property values for stdout/err on Windows UTF-8Gravatar Naoto Sato 27 hours
pr/39298250658: Performance of ClipFlatOval Renderperf test is very lowGravatar Alexey Ushakov 28 hours
pr/39308266330: itableMethodEntry::initialize() asserts with archived old classesGravatar Calvin Cheung 28 hours
pr/39328266765: [BACKOUT] JDK-8255493 Support for pre-generated java.lang.invoke cla...Gravatar Yumin Qi 28 hours
pr/39288266765: [BACKOUT] JDK-8255493 Support for pre-generated java.lang.invoke cla...Gravatar Yumin Qi 30 hours
pr/39278266489: Enable G1 to use large pages on Windows with region size large than 2mGravatar Stefan Johansson 30 hours
pr/3894trailing whitespaces removedGravatar Alexey Semenyuk 31 hours
pr/39258266766: Arrays of types that cannot be an annotation member do not yield exc...Gravatar Rafael Winterhalter 31 hours
pr/2875Small fixesGravatar Alexander Zuev 31 hours
pr/39248252530: Fix inconsistencies in hotspot whiteboxGravatar Philippe Marschall 31 hours
pr/39238266761: AssertionError in sun.net.httpserver.ServerImpl.responseCompletedGravatar Daniel Fuchs 31 hours
pr/37208266054: Removing redundant teat templates.Gravatar Jatin Bhateja 32 hours
pr/3806Add @run caseGravatar Xubo Zhang 33 hours
pr/1153Remove reserve_memory_special_huge_tlbfs mods except assertGravatar Marcus G K Williams 34 hours
pr/3922Merge branch 'master' into JDK-8266740-region-count-2Gravatar Zhengyu Gu 35 hours
pr/3919v1Gravatar Patricio Chilano Mateo 35 hours
pr/39168256973: Removing white spaces to satisfy jcheck.Gravatar Jatin Bhateja 35 hours
pr/3920Check W^X at safepointGravatar Anton Kozlov 36 hours
pr/3918chainGravatar Albert Yang 36 hours
pr/3544Initial corrections from RFRGravatar Seán Coffey 36 hours
pr/3817JDK-8232644: Back out of signature cleanup conflicting with sealed classes ch...Gravatar Hannes Wallnoefer 36 hours
pr/3921Fix java/foreign SIGBUS on macos/aarch64Gravatar Anton Kozlov 37 hours
pr/3874use iso8601_timestamp_size instead of 29Gravatar tstuefe 38 hours
pr/3914fixed assigning -1 to uint64_tGravatar vyommani 38 hours
pr/3699Fix issue in snippet in package-infoGravatar Maurizio Cimadamore 39 hours
pr/3798Fix mismatched endifsGravatar Claes Redestad 41 hours
pr/3915fix memory leakGravatar Ivan Walulya 41 hours
pr/3908Remove tmpdirs member, call getTempDirectories() directly as needed.Gravatar Kevin Walls 41 hours
pr/3662more comment improvementsGravatar Kim Barrett 42 hours
pr/30078263583: Emoji rendering on macOSGravatar Dmitry Batrak 42 hours
pr/3869remove stray editGravatar tstuefe 43 hours
pr/3816MergeGravatar Alan Bateman 43 hours
pr/3901minor adjustmentGravatar Denghui Dong 44 hours
pr/3913Fix typoGravatar David Holmes 45 hours
pr/3891Merge branch 'master' into 8266530Gravatar Joe Darcy 45 hours
pr/3821address review commentsGravatar Jonathan Gibbons 46 hours
pr/3912Update copyrightGravatar Guoxiong Li 47 hours
pr/3853[zipfs] Add missing check-failed exception to position/read testGravatar Jason Zaugg 47 hours
pr/3135Change option AsyncLogBufferEntries to AsyncLogBufferSize.Gravatar Xin Liu 2 days
pr/39108266576: dynamicArchive/ParallelLambdaLoadTest.java crashes in tier2 testingGravatar Yumin Qi 2 days
pr/3905Test with new java.security fileGravatar Hai-May Chao 2 days
pr/3886Remove tab spaceGravatar Yumin Qi 2 days
pr/38908266589: Handle COPYFILE_ERR stage in fcopyfile_callback()Gravatar Brian Burkhalter 2 days
pr/3613Merge branch 'master' into JDK-8265684Gravatar Vicente Romero 2 days
pr/3528Merge branch 'master' into JDK-8265319Gravatar Vicente Romero 2 days
pr/3526Merge branch 'master' into JDK-8260517Gravatar Vicente Romero 2 days
pr/3889added missed break; made all counters atomicGravatar Alex Menkov 2 days
pr/39078266645: javac should not check for sealed supertypes in intersection typesGravatar Vicente Romero 2 days
pr/3415Even simpler patchGravatar Aleksey Shipilev 2 days
pr/3904removed unused import statementGravatar Daniel Fuchs 2 days
pr/38458264777: Make length and position consistent with RAF; add path to OOME messageGravatar Brian Burkhalter 2 days
pr/36878265426: changed order of equals check; refactored Identity.equals methodGravatar Patrick Concannon 2 days
pr/3899Optimize test case: DiagnosticSourceTestGravatar Guoxiong Li 2 days
pr/3822better commentGravatar Weijun Wang 2 days
pr/3900deltaGravatar Albert Yang 3 days
pr/582Merge branch 'master' into minor-disambiguationGravatar Ignasi Marimon-Clos 3 days
pr/3838reviewGravatar Albert Yang 3 days
pr/38988266609: AArch64: include FP/LR space in LIR_Assembler::initial_frame_size_in...Gravatar Nick Gasson 3 days
pr/3897JDK-8266044: Nested class summary should show kind of class or interfaceGravatar Hannes Wallnoefer 3 days
pr/39038266622: Optimize Class.descriptorString() and Class.getCanonicalName0()Gravatar Сергей Цыпанов 3 days
pr/2261code refine and typo fixGravatar linzang 3 days
pr/38968266618: Remove broken -XX:-OptoRemoveUselessGravatar Tobias Hartmann 3 days
pr/3873switch off warning in build instead of fixing itGravatar tstuefe 3 days
pr/3448Change variable name to better oneGravatar Kochi Sakata 3 days
pr/38108266193: BasicJMapTest does not include testHistoParallel methodsGravatar buddyliao 3 days
pr/3392fix commentsGravatar Wanghuang-Huawei 3 days
pr/38938255035: Update BCEL to Version 6.5.0Gravatar JoeWang-Java 3 days
pr/3831Respond to review feedback.Gravatar Joe Darcy 3 days
pr/3865move the fix to modify the const int flags, leave the exec argument aloneGravatar gerard ziemski 3 days
pr/3888Add additional permission required by TestNG 7.4Gravatar Lance Andersen 3 days
pr/3882Update testGravatar Harold Seigel 3 days
pr/3885Fixed more typosGravatar pavelrappo 3 days
pr/3887Move the tag upwardsGravatar Aleksey Shipilev 3 days
pr/3884Minor cleanupsGravatar Claes Redestad 3 days
pr/2894Merge branch 'master' into JDK-8262992Gravatar Hannes Wallnoefer 3 days
pr/2912adjust absorbweight checkGravatar MBaesken 3 days
pr/3754JDK-8250766: Add missing null check and update copyright yearGravatar Hannes Wallnoefer 4 days
pr/38838252758: Lanai: Optimize index calculation while copying glyphsGravatar jayathirthrao 4 days
pr/3413JDK-8263507: More suggested code cleanupGravatar Hannes Wallnoefer 4 days
pr/3881Technical corrections to enhanced random numbers javadocGravatar JimLaskey 4 days
pr/2024Merge branch 'master' into JDK-8259316-blackholes-redoGravatar Aleksey Shipilev 4 days
pr/3880whitespacesGravatar rwestrel 4 days
pr/3879Misc cleanupsGravatar Vladimir Ivanov 4 days
pr/38768180568: Refactor javax/crypto shell tests to plain java testsGravatar Sibabrata Sahoo 4 days
pr/3856var volatileGravatar Fernando Guallini 4 days
pr/3875Removed manual transitionsGravatar Robbin Ehn 4 days
pr/3851Move peer and getters to CFLayerGravatar jayathirthrao 4 days
pr/3871Forgot to remove }Gravatar Tobias Hartmann 4 days
pr/38728266528: Optimize C2 VerifyIterativeGVN execution timeGravatar kalinshi 4 days
pr/38688266531: ZAddress::address() should be removed from SAGravatar Yasumasa Suenaga 4 days
pr/3866remove trailing spaceGravatar Lance Andersen 4 days
pr/3864v1Gravatar Zhengyu Gu 4 days
pr/38628266519: Cleanup resolve() leftovers from BarrierSet et alGravatar Roman Kennke 4 days
pr/3508Splitting classes into subpackages and updating README accordingly, fix bug w...Gravatar Christian Hagedorn 4 days
pr/3611Remove unessential scope operatorGravatar Yumin Qi 4 days
pr/3859startGravatar tstuefe 4 days
pr/38588266505: Cleanup LibraryCallKit::make_unsafe_address()Gravatar Roman Kennke 4 days
pr/38578266504: Remove leftovers from BarrierSetAssemblerC1Gravatar Roman Kennke 4 days
pr/3855startGravatar tstuefe 4 days
pr/38608266499: AArch64: Delete dead code in aarch64.adGravatar theRealAph 4 days
pr/38618266498: Make debug ps() call print_stackGravatar Coleen Phillimore 5 days
pr/38528266497: Remove unnecessary EMCP liveness indicationGravatar Coleen Phillimore 5 days
pr/38788266349: Pass down requested page size to reserve_memory_specialGravatar Stefan Johansson 5 days
pr/3516Merge branch 'master' into 8265279Gravatar JimLaskey 5 days
pr/3582Align whitespaceGravatar Yasumasa Suenaga 5 days
pr/38508266491: Remove resolve and obj_equals leftovers from BarrierSetAssemblerGravatar Roman Kennke 5 days
pr/3849added comment. generics cleanup.Gravatar Sundararajan Athijegannathan 5 days
pr/3848Add missing includeGravatar David Holmes 5 days
pr/3706Restructure initializer, reuse AdapterSignatureIterator in create_native_wrap...Gravatar Claes Redestad 5 days
pr/38478266465: Add wildcard to JTwork/JTreport exclude in jib-profiles.jsGravatar David Holmes 5 days
pr/38468263124: Missed initialization of baselineY in sun.font.StrikeMetricsGravatar prrace 5 days
pr/38548262392: Update Mesa 3-D Headers to version 21.0.3Gravatar prrace 5 days
pr/38078266179: [macos] jpackage should specify architecture for produced pkg files ...Gravatar alexander_matveev 5 days
pr/3803Minor clarifications to the specification.Gravatar Paul Sandoz 5 days
pr/3828fix whitespaceGravatar Mandy Chung 5 days
pr/3843v1Gravatar Zhengyu Gu 5 days
pr/3727Cover abstract method caseGravatar Vladimir Ivanov 5 days
pr/38428266436: Synthetic constructor trees have non-null return typeGravatar Jan Lahoda 5 days
pr/38418266449Gravatar iignatyev 5 days
pr/38408266438: Compile::remove_useless_nodes does not remove opaque nodesGravatar Tobias Hartmann 5 days
pr/3637Add temp node placement assertion.Gravatar Martin Doerr 5 days
pr/3811iwalulya: more renamingGravatar Thomas Schatzl 6 days
pr/3126Small fixesGravatar jbachorik 6 days
pr/3786wipGravatar tstuefe 6 days
pr/38398266432: ZGC: GC allocation stalls can trigger deadlocksGravatar Stefan Karlsson 6 days
pr/3837set opaque for JTooltip in config fileGravatar trebari 6 days
pr/3836startGravatar tstuefe 6 days
pr/3834startGravatar tstuefe 6 days
pr/37218265126: Review comments resolution.Gravatar Jatin Bhateja 6 days
pr/3809Undo changes to testsGravatar Philippe Marschall 7 days
pr/3522Add some more SA's classesGravatar Mitsuru Kariya 7 days
pr/38328265291: Error in Javadoc for doAccessibleAction API in AccessibleJSlider classGravatar Pankaj Bansal 7 days
pr/3818Use PhaseIterGVN ptr as LoadNode::eliminate_autobox method parameter for simi...Gravatar Hui Shi 7 days
pr/3833Remove left-over itos entriesGravatar Claes Redestad 7 days
pr/38298266401: mark hotspot compiler/intrinsics/sha/cli tests which ignore VM flagsGravatar Jie Fu 8 days
pr/3751update copyright yearGravatar Wanghuang-Huawei 8 days
pr/3788Disable -Warray-bounds in makefileGravatar Yasumasa Suenaga 8 days
pr/3478Remove unnecessary "@library /test/lib".Gravatar Daniel D. Daugherty 8 days
pr/3777Fixed a typo.Gravatar Naoto Sato 8 days
pr/3827JDK-8266129: tools/jpackage/windows/WinInstallerIconTest.java hangs with fast...Gravatar Andy Herrick 8 days
pr/38268261169: Upgrade HarfBuzz to the latest 2.8.0Gravatar prrace 8 days
pr/38238266388: C2: Improve ShiftCntV with a constant shift on x86Gravatar Vladimir Ivanov 8 days
pr/3794Add ScrollBar AccessibilityGravatar Pankaj Bansal 8 days
pr/37198266013: Unexpected replacement character handling on stateful CharsetEncoderGravatar takiguc 8 days
pr/38208252237: C2: Call to compute_separating_interferences has wrong argument orderGravatar Rahul Raghavan 8 days
pr/3819JDK-8266227: Fix help text for --mac-signing-keychainGravatar Andy Herrick 8 days
pr/3815Review comments from DavidGravatar Per Liden 9 days
pr/3460Review comments from StefanJGravatar Per Liden 9 days
pr/38148265984: Concurrent GC: Some tests fail "assert(is_frame_safe(f)) failed: Fra...Gravatar Per Liden 9 days
pr/38138255227: java/net/httpclient/FlowAdapterPublisherTest.java intermittently fai...Gravatar Daniel Fuchs 9 days
pr/3762Fix typo threes -> treesGravatar Evgeny Nikitin 9 days
pr/38128255566: Initialize JDK_Version direct from the build systemGravatar David Holmes 9 days
pr/3808Update PLATFORM_API_MacOSX_MidiUtils.cGravatar serb 9 days
pr/3801Fix GHAGravatar Mikael Vidstedt 9 days
pr/3804Review comments: blendmask etcGravatar Sandhya Viswanathan 9 days
pr/3805FormattingGravatar Vladimir Ivanov 9 days
pr/3143Remove temp comment.Gravatar Aditya Mandaleeka 9 days
pr/38008266315: Problem list failing test java/awt/font/TextLayout/LigatureCaretTest...Gravatar prrace 9 days
pr/3764close stream carefullyGravatar Weijun Wang 9 days
pr/3802Use ReservedSpace.page_size() instead of actual_reserved_page_size()Gravatar Stefan Johansson 10 days
pr/3776Improved diagnostic messageGravatar Daniel Fuchs 10 days
pr/37578264395: WB_EnqueueInitializerForCompilation fails with "method holder must b...Gravatar Rahul Raghavan 10 days
pr/3653iwalulya review, removing try_claim_serial_task optimizationGravatar Thomas Schatzl 10 days
pr/3793assert root method not found in witnessed_reabstraction_in_supers is too strongGravatar jamsheed_c_m 10 days
pr/37928198616: java/awt/Focus/6378278/InputVerifierTest.java fails on macGravatar Prasanta Sadhukhan 10 days
pr/3663undo indentation changeGravatar Albert Yang 10 days
pr/2871Reflecting review comments.Gravatar Jan Lahoda 10 days
pr/3756reviewGravatar Albert Yang 10 days
pr/37908266284: ProblemList java/awt/Graphics2D/DrawString/DrawRotatedStringUsingRot...Gravatar Prasanta Sadhukhan 10 days
pr/3791JDK-8249903: jdk/javadoc/doclet/testSerializedForm/TestSerializedForm.java ne...Gravatar Hannes Wallnoefer 10 days
pr/3658Update ArrayReferenceImpl.javaGravatar Fairoz Matte 10 days
pr/37898266172: -Wstringop-overflow happens in vmError.cppGravatar Yasumasa Suenaga 10 days
pr/37878266168: -Wmaybe-uninitialized happens in check_code.cGravatar Yasumasa Suenaga 10 days
pr/37848266267: Remove unnecessary jumps in Intel Math Library StubRoutinesGravatar Jie Fu 10 days
pr/37838266264Gravatar iignatyev 10 days
pr/3782copyright yearGravatar iignatyev 10 days
pr/3781use j.t.lib.Platform::is32bitGravatar iignatyev 10 days
pr/3755Add comments for why -0.0/0.0 are excludedGravatar Jie Fu 10 days
pr/37788266217: ZGC: Improve the -Xlog:gc+init output for NUMAGravatar Jie Fu 10 days
pr/37808262376: ReplaceCriticalClassesForSubgraphs.java fails if --with-build-jdk is...Gravatar iklam 10 days
pr/3732fixed type in otherThread variable nameGravatar Alex Menkov 10 days
pr/37758266255Gravatar iignatyev 10 days
pr/3638Merge masterGravatar Sandhya Viswanathan 10 days
pr/37748266251Gravatar iignatyev 10 days
pr/37738266231Gravatar iignatyev 10 days
pr/3581jatin-bhateja reviewGravatar Marcus G K Williams 10 days
pr/3772added oracle copyright lineGravatar iignatyev 10 days
pr/3644replace isAssignableFrom with instanceofGravatar JoeWang-Java 10 days
pr/3795limitGravatar Albert Yang 10 days
pr/3770update copyright yearGravatar iignatyev 10 days
pr/37638265666: Enable AIX build platform to make external debug symbolsGravatar Andrew Leonard 10 days
pr/3769copyright yearGravatar iignatyev 10 days
pr/3734Removing redundant importsGravatar Ian Graves 10 days
pr/37718264472: Add a test group for running CDS tests with -XX:+VerifySharedSpacesGravatar Calvin Cheung 10 days
pr/3767split the testGravatar iignatyev 10 days
pr/3766Incomplete comment in build.tools.generatecharacter.GenerateCharacterGravatar Claes Redestad 10 days
pr/3765startGravatar tstuefe 10 days
pr/37258266078: Remove confusing commentGravatar Brian Burkhalter 10 days
pr/3468update @return descriptionGravatar Julia Boes 10 days
pr/3631Update copyright in test fontGravatar alexsch 11 days
pr/3744Update copyright yearGravatar Yasumasa Suenaga 11 days
pr/37608197821: Test java/awt/font/TextLayout/LigatureCaretTest.java fails on WindowsGravatar Prasanta Sadhukhan 11 days
pr/37598266206: Build failure after JDK-8264752 with older GCCsGravatar Aleksey Shipilev 11 days
pr/37588266040: Lanai: Incorrect calculations of clipping boundariesGravatar Alexey Ushakov 11 days
pr/3704Add pliden's refinementGravatar Jie Fu 11 days
pr/37538266170: -Wnonnull happens in classLoaderData.inline.hppGravatar Yasumasa Suenaga 11 days
pr/3752copyright yearGravatar iignatyev 11 days
pr/3490Typo error in comment section updatedGravatar Sibabrata Sahoo 11 days
pr/3749FixGravatar Prasanta Sadhukhan 11 days
pr/3616rename; redundant reloadingGravatar Yi Yang 11 days
pr/37508266185: Shenandoah: Fix incorrect comment/assertion messagesGravatar Yude Lin 11 days
pr/3748copyright yearGravatar iignatyev 11 days
pr/3746fixGravatar iignatyev 11 days
pr/3624Review CommentsGravatar Pankaj Bansal 11 days
pr/37458266180Gravatar iignatyev 11 days
pr/37438266174: -Wmisleading-indentation happens in libmlib_image sourcesGravatar Yasumasa Suenaga 11 days
pr/37428266173: -Wmaybe-uninitialized happens in jni_util.cGravatar Yasumasa Suenaga 11 days
pr/3740copyright yearGravatar iignatyev 11 days
pr/3741JDK-8265773: jdeps message jdk8internals indicating a non-existent JDK API is...Gravatar Mandy Chung 11 days
pr/3739update copyrightGravatar iignatyev 11 days
pr/3738update copyrightGravatar iignatyev 11 days
pr/37378266164Gravatar iignatyev 11 days
pr/3292Update copyright date and typo correctionGravatar Xuelei Fan 11 days
pr/3736update copyright yearGravatar iignatyev 11 days
pr/37688265918: java/io/Console/CharsetTest.java failed with "expect: spawn id exp6 ...Gravatar Naoto Sato 11 days
pr/37358266157: Problem list several awt jtreg tests that fail on macOS 11Gravatar prrace 11 days
pr/3711Updated comment and simplify code structure in one methodGravatar David Holmes 11 days
pr/3733update copyright yearGravatar iignatyev 11 days
pr/3731update copyrightGravatar iignatyev 11 days
pr/3730update copyrightGravatar iignatyev 11 days
pr/2782inline indexGravatar Leo Korinth 11 days
pr/3729update copyrightGravatar iignatyev 11 days
pr/3726one more space before { missedGravatar iignatyev 11 days
pr/3722fix serviceability agentGravatar Patricio Chilano Mateo 11 days
pr/3702Revert code change about "constness".Gravatar Xin Liu 11 days
pr/3724updateGravatar Zhengyu Gu 11 days
pr/3718Require C2 for test executionGravatar Paul Sandoz 11 days
pr/36608264762: Remove dead code at X-Buffer:799Gravatar Brian Burkhalter 11 days
pr/37088266014: Clean up spurious line break in the testGravatar Brian Burkhalter 11 days
pr/3689CastVVGravatar rwestrel 11 days
pr/3307Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into debug_utilsGravatar Kevin Walls 11 days
pr/3357cleanup unused importGravatar aghaisas 11 days
pr/3387Merge branch 'master' into 8264873.cha.splitGravatar Vladimir Ivanov 11 days
pr/3695Merge branch 'master' into 8265932Gravatar Patricio Chilano Mateo 11 days
pr/3723add static castGravatar Aleksei Voitylov 12 days
pr/37178266055: ZGC: ZHeap::print_extended_on() doesn't disable deferred deleteGravatar Per Liden 12 days
pr/3678Update test/jdk/javax/swing/JComboBox/8033069/bug8033069NoScrollBar.java Gravatar Pankaj Bansal 12 days
pr/3677Add align attribute for 2.0Gravatar Jie Fu 12 days
pr/3469Remove unnecessary constructor.Gravatar JimLaskey 12 days
pr/3716JDK-8258602: JavaDoc field summary does not indicate final modifierGravatar Hannes Wallnoefer 12 days
pr/37148266038: Move newAddress() to JVMDebuggerGravatar Yasumasa Suenaga 12 days
pr/37138266027: The diamond finder does not find diamond candidates in field initial...Gravatar Jan Lahoda 12 days
pr/3684Use daemon thread and adjust timeoutGravatar Tobias Hartmann 12 days
pr/37128266028: C2 computes -0.0 for Math.pow(-0.0, 0.5)Gravatar Jie Fu 12 days
pr/1958updated according to comments on the CSRGravatar trebari 12 days
pr/3421Merge branch 'master' into JDK-8264806Gravatar Vladimir Kozlov 12 days
pr/37108266018: Shenandoah: fix an incorrect assertGravatar wattsun 12 days
pr/3707Initial fixGravatar serb 12 days
pr/3709JDK-6676643: Improve current C_GetAttributeValue native implementationGravatar Valerie Peng 12 days
pr/3696Remove commented out friend class.Gravatar Coleen Phillimore 12 days
pr/3705Updating jdeps and jdeprscan to use Stream.toList()Gravatar Ian Graves 12 days
pr/3398Merge branch 'master' into JDK-8264805Gravatar Vladimir Kozlov 12 days
pr/3679reviewGravatar Albert Yang 12 days
pr/3698WhitespacesGravatar Vladimir Ivanov 12 days
pr/3685Remove mistakenly added fileGravatar Erik Gahlin 12 days
pr/3701JDK-8265995Gravatar Zhengyu Gu 12 days
pr/35838265445: Introduce the new client property for mac: apple.awt.windowAppearanceGravatar Alexey Ushakov 12 days
pr/3673Cleanup method JavacScope.equalsGravatar Guoxiong Li 12 days
pr/3674Refactor code styleGravatar Guoxiong Li 12 days
pr/3693ensure that system has enough disk space before buildingGravatar George Adams 13 days
pr/37008196415: Disable SHA-1 Signed JARsGravatar Sean Mullan 13 days
pr/3639use ASSERT_STREQGravatar Coleen Phillimore 13 days
pr/36918265967: Unused NullCheckNode forward declaration in node.hppGravatar Tobias Hartmann 13 days
pr/2509Restoring timeout.Gravatar Jan Lahoda 13 days
pr/3683add assembler tests for smaxp/sminpGravatar Dong Bo 13 days
pr/3453Add comment to macroGravatar Per Liden 13 days
pr/3633terminology refresh and move tests to a different locationGravatar Aleksei Voitylov 13 days
pr/3513add jmh test caseGravatar Wanghuang-Huawei 13 days
pr/3688Initial commitGravatar pavelrappo 13 days
pr/3671reviewGravatar Albert Yang 13 days
pr/36868196300: java/awt/TextArea/TextAreaScrolling/TextAreaScrolling.java times outGravatar Prasanta Sadhukhan 13 days
pr/3670fix x86's bugGravatar Wanghuang-Huawei 13 days
pr/3618Merge masterGravatar Prasanta Sadhukhan 13 days
pr/3681update copyrights.Gravatar Hamlin-Li 13 days
pr/3682copyrights update.Gravatar Hamlin-Li 13 days
pr/2379refine help message.Gravatar Hamlin-Li 13 days
pr/18808265474: Dubious 'null' assignment in CompactByteArray.expandGravatar Andrey Turbanov 13 days
pr/36768265915: adjust state_unloading_cycle compuation order in nmethod::is_unloadingGravatar miao zheng 14 days
pr/1915Fix typos in commentsGravatar Philippe Marschall 14 days
pr/3680JDK-8265394: G1: Improve assert in HeapRegion::reset_not_compacted_after_full_gcGravatar Hamlin-Li 14 days
pr/36758265901: Use pattern matching for instanceof at module jdk.compiler(part 3)Gravatar Guoxiong Li 14 days
pr/36728265911: assert(comp != __null) failed: Compiler instance missingGravatar Junji Wang 14 days
pr/2099Revert copyright.Gravatar Guoxiong Li 14 days
pr/36698263635: Add --prefix option to jhsdb debugdGravatar Yasumasa Suenaga 14 days
pr/3668Change 'linux-generic' -> 'linux-all'.Gravatar Daniel D. Daugherty 2 weeks
pr/3556Trailing space removedGravatar Tagir Valeev 2 weeks
pr/3612Replacing one additional Collections.toList() with an explicit toCollection()...Gravatar Ian Graves 2 weeks
pr/36658264663: Update serviceability/jvmti/SuspendWithCurrentThread/SuspendWithCurr...Gravatar lmesnik 2 weeks
pr/3692classesGravatar Albert Yang 2 weeks
pr/36518264317: Lanai: IncorrectUnmanagedImageRotatedClip.java fails on apple M1Gravatar Alexey Ushakov 2 weeks
pr/36598258625: [JVMCI] refactor and unify JVMCI readFieldValue pathGravatar Tom Rodriguez 2 weeks
pr/36618265462: Handle multiple slots in the NSS Internal Module from SunPKCS11's Se...Gravatar Martin Balao 2 weeks
pr/3650Removed redundant bracesGravatar Patrick Concannon 2 weeks
pr/3628Fix punctuationGravatar Ralf Schmelter 2 weeks
pr/3588Check for null before try blockGravatar Seán Coffey 2 weeks
pr/1890Use meaningful class name and update copyrightGravatar Guoxiong Li 2 weeks
pr/1934Use meaningful class nameGravatar Guoxiong Li 2 weeks
pr/3654Refine description of Node::_igv_idxGravatar Roberto Castañeda Lozano 2 weeks
pr/1881Use meaningful class name and update copyrightGravatar Guoxiong Li 2 weeks
pr/36568265836: OperatingSystemImpl.getCpuLoad() returns incorrect CPU loadGravatar Hao Tang 2 weeks
pr/3655JDK-8265613: False positives for "Related Packages"Gravatar Hannes Wallnoefer 2 weeks
pr/3570Thomas indent reviewGravatar Stefan Johansson 2 weeks
pr/36498198621: java/awt/Focus/KeyEventForBadFocusOwnerTest/KeyEventForBadFocusOwner...Gravatar Prasanta Sadhukhan 2 weeks
pr/3647startGravatar tstuefe 2 weeks
pr/3428Trailing whitespaces again.Gravatar Jesper Steen Møller 2 weeks
pr/3610Merge branch 'master' into 8265696-move-cds-sourcesGravatar iklam 2 weeks
pr/36458265816: Handle new VectorMaskCast node for x86Gravatar Sandhya Viswanathan 2 weeks
pr/3420Added more tests for checking IV values and interop test w/ SunJCEGravatar Valerie Peng 2 weeks
pr/3643Remove ProblemList-non-cds-modeGravatar M. Seledtsov 2 weeks
pr/3632Fix formattingGravatar Roman Kennke 2 weeks
pr/3640Merge branch 'master' into 8264196-link-and-cleanup-shared-classesGravatar Calvin Cheung 2 weeks
pr/36368265782: Bump bootjdk to jdk-17+19 on macosx-aarch64 at OracleGravatar Mikael Vidstedt 2 weeks
pr/3599Remove extra imports, fix nits to review commentsGravatar Yumin Qi 2 weeks
pr/3591removed set_jimage() and renamed JImage_File to JImage_fileGravatar Harold Seigel 2 weeks
pr/1758Update copyrightGravatar Guoxiong Li 2 weeks
pr/3419Revived charset() in JavaIOAccess interface.Gravatar Naoto Sato 2 weeks
pr/3576dholmes CR - delete unused N_THREADS.Gravatar Daniel D. Daugherty 2 weeks
pr/3548Merge branch 'master' into 8265327Gravatar Patricio Chilano Mateo 2 weeks
pr/36358264320: ShouldNotReachHere in Compile::print_inlining_move_to()Gravatar Vladimir Ivanov 2 weeks
pr/3648counterGravatar Albert Yang 2 weeks
pr/3634Lookup node in runningThreads list rather than assert.Gravatar Chris Plummer 2 weeks
pr/36308265757: stack-use-after-scope in perfMemory_posix.cpp get_user_name_slow()Gravatar Harold Seigel 2 weeks
pr/3626Change test none dtd_home property is set.Gravatar ScientificWare 2 weeks
pr/36258265689: JVMCI: InternalError: Class java.lang.Object does not implement inte...Gravatar Vladimir Ivanov 2 weeks
pr/36058265690: Use latest Ubuntu base image version in Docker testingGravatar Aleksey Shipilev 2 weeks
pr/36238197800: Test java/awt/Focus/NonFocusableWindowTest/NoEventsTest.java fails o...Gravatar Prasanta Sadhukhan 2 weeks
pr/3621apiGravatar Albert Yang 2 weeks
pr/3578added comment explaining box conversion of primitivesGravatar Doug Simon 2 weeks
pr/3622add linger-on-closeGravatar Fernando Guallini 2 weeks
pr/36178263512: [macos_aarch64] issues with calling va_args functions from invoke_na...Gravatar Nick Gasson 2 weeks
pr/3715not_a_nodeGravatar Yi Yang 2 weeks
pr/36198240756: [macos] SwingSet2:TableDemo:Printed Japanese characters were garbledGravatar Toshio Nakamura 2 weeks
pr/3580Replace assert(false) with fatal()Gravatar David Holmes 2 weeks
pr/3609Add comment to #elseGravatar Per Liden 2 weeks
pr/3614fixGravatar Prasanta Sadhukhan 2 weeks
pr/3598fix indentation issueGravatar Lin Zang 2 weeks
pr/3629Converting to Stream.toList()Gravatar Ian Graves 2 weeks
pr/3577Tweaking wording and placementGravatar Ian Graves 2 weeks
pr/3606Remove modules clauseGravatar Alexander Zuev 2 weeks
pr/3479comment from @yminqi, add comment to the is_old_class(), add the @bug tag to ...Gravatar Calvin Cheung 2 weeks
pr/3608Include constructors.Gravatar Joe Darcy 2 weeks
pr/3426Updated the fix accordingly feedbackGravatar Alex Menkov 2 weeks
pr/36078265699: Revert change to compact() and add a commentGravatar Brian Burkhalter 2 weeks
pr/3595Revert find_callee_argument changesGravatar Claes Redestad 2 weeks
pr/3585Added commentGravatar Thomas Schatzl 2 weeks
pr/36048265490: Unterminated string passed to FindClass() in hotspot testGravatar Harold Seigel 2 weeks
pr/3603v1Gravatar Patricio Chilano Mateo 2 weeks
pr/1898Remove file Filter.javaGravatar Guoxiong Li 2 weeks
pr/2428MergeGravatar tstuefe 3 weeks
pr/36028168408: Test java/awt/Focus/ActualFocusedWindowTest/ActualFocusedWindowBlock...Gravatar Prasanta Sadhukhan 3 weeks
pr/3170Updated single letter pattern variable name in java/time/DurationGravatar Patrick Concannon 3 weeks
pr/3554Merge branch 'master' into 8265218.mh_loggingGravatar Vladimir Ivanov 3 weeks
pr/3542Just run with -XX:-PrintWarningsGravatar Aleksey Shipilev 3 weeks
pr/3191Merge branch 'master' into SuspendInHandshakeGravatar Robbin Ehn 3 weeks
pr/36018198422: Test java/awt/font/StyledMetrics/BoldSpace.java is unstableGravatar Prasanta Sadhukhan 3 weeks
pr/3537BigSur fixGravatar Prasanta Sadhukhan 3 weeks
pr/3600InitialGravatar Erik Gahlin 3 weeks
pr/3596missing semiGravatar Claes Redestad 3 weeks
pr/35978265591: Remove vestiages of intermediate JSR 175 annotation formatGravatar Joe Darcy 3 weeks
pr/3594JDK-8265483: All-caps “JAVA” in the top navigation barGravatar Jonathan Gibbons 3 weeks
pr/3564Merge branch 'master' into 8265411-avoid-unnecessary-method-init-intrinsic-idGravatar iklam 3 weeks
pr/35928264632: compiler/codecache/jmx/PoolsIndependenceTest.java fails to Notificat...Gravatar Evgeny Nikitin 3 weeks
pr/3590add macOS freetype install steps to docs/building.htmlGravatar George Adams 3 weeks
pr/3587Update AboutDialog.javaGravatar K Suman Rajkumaar 3 weeks
pr/3589Update g1ConcurrentMarkThread.cppGravatar Fairoz Matte 3 weeks
pr/3414none_compressed_class_pointers -> non_compressed_class_pointersGravatar Jie Fu 3 weeks
pr/3586startGravatar tstuefe 3 weeks
pr/3569Fix error message in testGravatar Thomas Schatzl 3 weeks
pr/3593Update headerGravatar Roberto Castañeda Lozano 3 weeks
pr/3568reviewGravatar Albert Yang 3 weeks
pr/3584ChangesGravatar Thomas Schatzl 3 weeks
pr/3561Replace '=' in jfrOptionsSet.cppGravatar Erik Gahlin 3 weeks
pr/3501Fork JVM 3 times in JMH test to smooth out variance in a particular forkGravatar Peter Levart 3 weeks
pr/35798265486: ProblemList javax/sound/midi/Sequencer/Recording.java on macosx-aarch64Gravatar Mikael Vidstedt 3 weeks
pr/3558updated date in copyrightGravatar Doug Simon 3 weeks
pr/35748265017: runtime/HiddenClasses/StressHiddenClasses.java timed out on Win* OCIGravatar Harold Seigel 3 weeks
pr/35738264569: Remove obsolete error messages from CDSTestUtils.javaGravatar Yumin Qi 3 weeks
pr/3404Optimize C2Gravatar Jie Fu 3 weeks
pr/3266proc path changedGravatar Weijun Wang 3 weeks
pr/3540Simplify listener registrationGravatar Roberto Castañeda Lozano 3 weeks
pr/3566Removes -Xmx2g for the first test case instance, which doesn't require a lot ...Gravatar Christoph Göttschkes 3 weeks
pr/3434Update src/hotspot/share/gc/g1/g1ConcurrentMark.hppGravatar Ivan Walulya 3 weeks
pr/3572Merge branch 'master' of github.com:openjdk/jdk into 8183374Gravatar Fernando Guallini 3 weeks
pr/3567initial changesGravatar trebari 3 weeks
pr/35718265418: Clean-up redundant null-checks of Class.getPackageName()Gravatar Sergey Tsypanov 3 weeks
pr/2004Merge branch 'master' into JDK-8231179Gravatar Guoxiong Li 3 weeks
pr/3530add include in macroAssembler_<cpu>.cppGravatar Yi Yang 3 weeks
pr/34498265105: gc/arguments/TestSelectDefaultGC.java fails when compiler1 is disabledGravatar sunguoyun 3 weeks
pr/35598252600: [JVMCI] remove mx configurationGravatar Doug Simon 3 weeks
pr/3562InitialGravatar Erik Gahlin 3 weeks
pr/35608265152: jpackage cleanup fails on Windows with IOException deleting msiGravatar Yasumasa Suenaga 3 weeks
pr/3565proxy-setGravatar Albert Yang 3 weeks
pr/2324 Merge branch 'master' into JDK-8200145Gravatar Guoxiong Li 3 weeks
pr/3563parse incomplete xmlGravatar Yi Yang 3 weeks
pr/2687MergeGravatar tstuefe 3 weeks
pr/3432Fix test fail on aarch64 when VM page is larger than 4KGravatar Hui Shi 3 weeks
pr/3427adjustSize -> exactOutputSizeGravatar Tagir Valeev 3 weeks
pr/3536Revert TestPow0Dot5Opt.java changeGravatar Jie Fu 3 weeks
pr/35538265375: Bootcycle builds fail with StackOverflowError in cldrconverterGravatar Naoto Sato 3 weeks
pr/35468200559: Java agents doing instrumentation need a means to define auxiliary c...Gravatar Rafael Winterhalter 3 weeks
pr/3551Fix configure args for linux-x64Gravatar erikj 3 weeks
pr/3550JDK-8265371: Change to Visual Studio 2019 16.9.3 for building on Windows at O...Gravatar Erik Joelsson 3 weeks
pr/35498265370: ProblemList java/net/MulticastSocket/Promiscuous.java on macos-aarch64Gravatar Daniel D. Daugherty 3 weeks
pr/3363Inlining some single use variablesGravatar Ian Graves 3 weeks
pr/3547Merge branch 'master' into JDK-8265348-control-timed-waitGravatar Zhengyu Gu 3 weeks
pr/35458265343: Update Debian-based cross-compilation recipesGravatar Aleksey Shipilev 3 weeks
pr/34024511638: Double.toString(double) sometimes produces incorrect resultsGravatar Raffaello Giulietti 3 weeks
pr/35438265335: Epsilon: Minor typo in EpsilonElasticTLABDecay descriptionGravatar Aleksey Shipilev 3 weeks
pr/35418039270: The background color of the button can't be displayed and when press...Gravatar Alexander Zuev 3 weeks
pr/3539testGravatar rwestrel 3 weeks
pr/3538Fix commentGravatar Thomas Schatzl 3 weeks
pr/35358264372: Threads::destroy_vm only ever returns trueGravatar David Holmes 3 weeks
pr/35348265304 - make metal pipeline defaultGravatar aghaisas 3 weeks
pr/3555Update GHA configurationGravatar Mikael Vidstedt 3 weeks
pr/3514fix one more code path, assert; refine comments.Gravatar Hamlin-Li 3 weeks
pr/3463Update existing test based on review commentsGravatar jpai 3 weeks
pr/3238Merge jdk 'master' into JDK-8264104Gravatar Xiaohong Gong 3 weeks
pr/3529simplifyGravatar Yi Yang 3 weeks
pr/3507Merge branch 'master' into JDK-8265244Gravatar Wanghuang-Huawei 3 weeks
pr/35278265314: Obsolete the unused AssertOnSuspendWaitFailure and TraceSuspendWaitF...Gravatar David Holmes 3 weeks
pr/3474trailing whitespaceGravatar Aleksandr Zvegintsev 3 weeks
pr/3524Polish a commentGravatar Aleksey Shipilev 3 weeks
pr/34768265175: Transfer in 1MB chunks; fail with errno if sendfile() returns -1; no...Gravatar Brian Burkhalter 3 weeks
pr/35208265293: ProblemList java/foreign/TestDowncall.java on macosx-aarch64Gravatar Mikael Vidstedt 3 weeks
pr/3273Merge branch 'master' into JDK-8264373Gravatar Vicente Romero 3 weeks
pr/35198265062: Remove duplication constant MaxTextureSizeGravatar Denis Konoplev 3 weeks
pr/3518Fix the param nameGravatar Pankaj Bansal 3 weeks
pr/3494changed link from USDA to StandardProtocolFamily#UNIXGravatar Michael-Mc-Mahon 3 weeks
pr/3517Fixed ifdefGravatar Robbin Ehn 3 weeks
pr/3072Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into gzip-fieldGravatar Lin Zang 3 weeks
pr/3515Set group's parent when a group is added to the graph documentGravatar Roberto Castañeda Lozano 3 weeks
pr/3459Merge branch 'master' into fill-bots-in-full-gcGravatar Hamlin Li 3 weeks
pr/3523Improving order of Flag constants.Gravatar Jan Lahoda 3 weeks
pr/3512JDK-8265270: Type.getEnclosingType() may fail with CompletionFailureGravatar Jan Lahoda 3 weeks
pr/3511changes proposed by Thomas reviewGravatar Ivan Walulya 3 weeks
pr/3509Remove author tag and update test tagGravatar jayathirthrao 3 weeks
pr/3457Thomas review.Gravatar Stefan Johansson 3 weeks
pr/3456Copyright year fixGravatar Prasanta Sadhukhan 3 weeks
pr/3510Use glibc libm impl for dlog,dlog10,dexp iff 2.29 or greater on AArch64.Gravatar Greg Cawthorne 3 weeks
pr/3371code backupGravatar Eric Liu 3 weeks
pr/3531remove depcheck_<cpu>Gravatar Yi Yang 3 weeks
pr/35068265246: Fix macos-Aarch64 build after JDK-8263709Gravatar David Holmes 3 weeks
pr/1998Merge branch 'master' into JDK-8203925Gravatar Guoxiong Li 3 weeks
pr/35058263154: [macos] DMG builds have finder errorsGravatar alexander_matveev 3 weeks
pr/3503Fixed whitespaceGravatar David Holmes 3 weeks
pr/3496do not call internal methodGravatar Weijun Wang 3 weeks
pr/3472Add resolveOrNull for exploded MemberNameGravatar Claes Redestad 3 weeks
pr/35028258794: Support for CLDR version 39Gravatar Naoto Sato 3 weeks
pr/3493Fix the patch of output fileGravatar Jie Fu 3 weeks
pr/3504JDK-8265239Gravatar Zhengyu Gu 3 weeks
pr/35008265236: ProblemList java/foreign/TestUpcall.java on macosx-aarch64Gravatar Mikael Vidstedt 3 weeks
pr/34998265235: ProblemList java/foreign/TestIntrinsics.java on macosx-aarch64Gravatar Mikael Vidstedt 3 weeks
pr/34988265231: (fc) ReadDirect and WriteDirect tests fail after fix for JDK-8264821Gravatar Brian Burkhalter 3 weeks
pr/34848260255: C1: LoopInvariantCodeMotion constructor can leave some fields uninit...Gravatar Rickard Bäckman 3 weeks
pr/34978257804 Test runtime/modules/ModuleStress/ModuleStressGC.java fails: 'package...Gravatar Harold Seigel 3 weeks
pr/2737Removed extra assert and fixed extra Path usage in testGravatar Yumin Qi 3 weeks
pr/3495Check for null sourceGravatar JimLaskey 3 weeks
pr/34818265180: JvmtiCompiledMethodLoadEvent should include the stub section of nmet...Gravatar Tom Rodriguez 3 weeks
pr/3491Fixed SocketChannelGravatar Michael-Mc-Mahon 3 weeks
pr/34898263970: Manual test javax/swing/JTextField/JapaneseReadingAttributes/Japanes...Gravatar Prasanta Sadhukhan 4 weeks
pr/3259Update conditionsGravatar Yasumasa Suenaga 4 weeks
pr/3486Skip markingGravatar Thomas Schatzl 4 weeks
pr/2803Merge branch 'master'Gravatar Lin Zang 4 weeks
pr/3439Review comment: simplify testGravatar Jorn Vernee 4 weeks
pr/3406FixGravatar Prasanta Sadhukhan 4 weeks
pr/34888233565: [TESTBUG] NullModalityDialogTest.java fails on MacOSGravatar Prasanta Sadhukhan 4 weeks
pr/3471Add back individual security importsGravatar Lance Andersen 4 weeks
pr/34878265192: [macos_aarch64] configure script fails if GNU uname in PATHGravatar Nick Gasson 4 weeks
pr/3477Add links to discussion in java.lang.reflect package javadoc.Gravatar Joe Darcy 4 weeks
pr/3446Merge branch 'master' into 8265103-reduce-inclusion-oopMap.hppGravatar iklam 4 weeks
pr/34808265154: vinserti128 operand mix up for KNL platformsGravatar Sandhya Viswanathan 4 weeks
pr/34828264821: DirectIOTest fails on a system with large block sizeGravatar Brian Burkhalter 4 weeks
pr/3473JDK-8265078: jpackage tests on Windows leave large temp filesGravatar Andy Herrick 4 weeks
pr/34928265173: [test] divert spurious log output away from stream under test in Pro...Gravatar Roger Riggs 4 weeks
pr/34838265136: ZGC: Expose GarbageCollectorMXBeans for both pauses and cyclesGravatar Per Liden 4 weeks
pr/3377Use an event name in tests that is not a class nameGravatar Erik Gahlin 4 weeks
pr/3181more spec clarificationGravatar Weijun Wang 4 weeks
pr/3475fixed copyrightGravatar iklam 4 weeks
pr/34458265100: Make hashCode non-volatileGravatar Brian Burkhalter 4 weeks
pr/3532remove unused local varsGravatar Yi Yang 4 weeks
pr/34678265138: Simplify DerUtils::checkAlgGravatar Weijun Wang 4 weeks
pr/34658257836: Add additional test cases to TestSyncOnValueBasedClassEvent.javaGravatar Harold Seigel 4 weeks
pr/3466renamed constants fieldGravatar Fernando Guallini 4 weeks
pr/34648265075: Improve and simplify Class.resolveName()Gravatar Sergey Tsypanov 4 weeks
pr/34628265127: ZGC: Fix incorrect reporting of reclaimed memoryGravatar Per Liden 4 weeks
pr/3461Move NetBeans .form files to Java directoriesGravatar Roberto Castañeda Lozano 4 weeks
pr/3437Removed othervm argumentGravatar Conor Cleary 4 weeks
pr/34168048199: Cleaner syntak in getContextClassLoaderGravatar Conor Cleary 4 weeks
pr/34588265120: hs_err improvement: align the output of Virtual space metadata.Gravatar Junji Wang 4 weeks
pr/3485Initial commitGravatar Thomas Schatzl 4 weeks
pr/34558265116: ZGC: Steal local stacks instead of flushing themGravatar Per Liden 4 weeks
pr/3435Thomas review.Gravatar Stefan Johansson 4 weeks
pr/34548265113: ProblemList gtest/GTestWrapper.java:os.release_multi_mappings on mac...Gravatar Mikael Vidstedt 4 weeks
pr/34528265111: ProblemList java/util/concurrent/locks/Lock/TimedAcquireLeak.java on...Gravatar Mikael Vidstedt 4 weeks
pr/3447Return host CPU load directly from getCpuLoad()Gravatar Yasumasa Suenaga 4 weeks
pr/34518265112: ProblemList some java/foreign tests on macosx-aarch64Gravatar Mikael Vidstedt 4 weeks
pr/34508265110: ProblemList compiler/jvmci/jdk.vm.ci.code.test/src/jdk/vm/ci/code/te...Gravatar Mikael Vidstedt 4 weeks
pr/3410Remove array Type::dual_typeGravatar Xiaohong Gong 4 weeks
pr/3411adjust headersGravatar Wanghuang-Huawei 4 weeks
pr/3436Remove EXCEPTION_MARKGravatar Patricio Chilano Mateo 4 weeks
pr/3441TestApplet.java removedGravatar Aleksandr Zvegintsev 4 weeks
pr/2404Changed AESParameters to allow 4-byte, 8-byte IVs and removedGravatar Valerie Peng 4 weeks
pr/3444Faster debug agent thread lookupsGravatar Chris Plummer 4 weeks
pr/34438263157: [macos]: java.library.path is being set incorrectlyGravatar alexander_matveev 4 weeks
pr/3258Merge branch 'master' into 8264224-macosx-aarch64Gravatar Mikael Vidstedt 4 weeks
pr/33548264200: Removed author tagGravatar Conor Cleary 4 weeks
pr/3433Remove switch in canBeCalledVirtualGravatar Claes Redestad 4 weeks
pr/3338Removed upstream licensed code from commitGravatar Alex Blewitt 4 weeks
pr/3073Merge branch 'master' into 8262291-one-special-allocGravatar Stefan Johansson 4 weeks
pr/3378Skip testing on 32-bit systemsGravatar Chris Hegarty 4 weeks
pr/34318265052: Break circular include dependency in objArrayOop.inline.hppGravatar Stefan Karlsson 4 weeks
pr/3323newlineGravatar Yi Yang 4 weeks
pr/34308233567: [TESTBUG] FocusSubRequestTest.java fails on macosGravatar Prasanta Sadhukhan 4 weeks
pr/3305FormattingGravatar Prasanta Sadhukhan 4 weeks
pr/34088264954: Incorporating closing comments.Gravatar Jatin Bhateja 4 weeks
pr/3417Remove unused imports and consistent line endingsGravatar Erik Gahlin 4 weeks
pr/30828263763: The constructor of an enumeration prefixes with two synthetic argume...Gravatar Rafael Winterhalter 4 weeks
pr/3429remove unused TypeFuncGravatar Yi Yang 4 weeks
pr/3318Merge branch 'master' into 8262328-templatize-jvmflag-boilerplate-methodsGravatar iklam 4 weeks
pr/3280Use resource controller name for unified loggingGravatar Yasumasa Suenaga 4 weeks
pr/3384Merge branch 'master' into 8264868-reduce-registerMap-hppGravatar iklam 4 weeks
pr/34258265005: Introduce the new client property for mac: apple.awt.windowTitleVisibleGravatar Alexey Ushakov 4 weeks
pr/34248265018: [AIX] FileDispatcherImpl.c:31:10: fatal error: 'sys/mount.h' file no...Gravatar Martin Doerr 4 weeks
pr/3405Change to use decode_error for incorrect extension lengthGravatar Xuelei Fan 4 weeks
pr/3418Missed fixing logging test.Gravatar Coleen Phillimore 4 weeks
pr/3423JDK-8265012Gravatar Zhengyu Gu 4 weeks
pr/3422Add W^X in FastGetXXXFieldGravatar Anton Kozlov 4 weeks
pr/3362Add overall comment and assert in count function.Gravatar Coleen Phillimore 4 weeks
pr/33908258788: incorrect response to change in window insets [lanai]Gravatar Alexey Ushakov 4 weeks
pr/27458260923: Add more tests for SSLSocket input/output shutdownGravatar akolarkunnu 4 weeks
pr/3401Improve testGravatar Jorn Vernee 4 weeks
pr/3303Complete projection assertions with basic checksGravatar Roberto Castañeda Lozano 4 weeks
pr/34098264976: Minor numeric bug in AbstractSplittableWithBrineGenerator.makeSplits...Gravatar Aleksey Shipilev 4 weeks
pr/3407initial fix and testGravatar trebari 4 weeks
pr/3394Fix search&replace mistakeGravatar David Holmes 4 weeks
pr/3403Appease jcheckGravatar Joe Darcy 4 weeks
pr/2510Minor comment enhancementGravatar Martin Balao 4 weeks
pr/32798264400: Don't initialize hashCode; use Path.of() in testGravatar Brian Burkhalter 4 weeks
pr/34008264765: BreakIterator sees bogus sentence boundary in parenthesized “i.e....Gravatar Naoto Sato 4 weeks
pr/33998263642: javac emits duplicate checkcast for first bound of intersection type...Gravatar Guoxiong Li 4 weeks
pr/33668232861: Remove ENOTSUP fallback for fcntl(fd, F_FULLFSYNC) failureGravatar Brian Burkhalter 4 weeks
pr/3372ayang reviewGravatar Thomas Schatzl 4 weeks
pr/32518264484: Replace uses of StringBuffer with StringBuilder in jdk.hotspot.agentGravatar Andrey Turbanov 4 weeks
pr/3391update exception wordingsGravatar Weijun Wang 4 weeks
pr/33978264923: PNGImageWriter.write_zTXt throws Exception with a typoGravatar Aleksey Shipilev 4 weeks
pr/3396getVtableIndexForInterfaceMethodGravatar Vladimir Ivanov 4 weeks
pr/3346InstanceKlass::method_at_itable_or_null() cleanupsGravatar Vladimir Ivanov 4 weeks
pr/2760add sanity check; refine code in update_attribute_table.Gravatar Hamlin-Li 4 weeks
pr/33958264885: Fix the code style of macro in aarch64_neon_ad.m4Gravatar Wanghuang-Huawei 4 weeks
pr/3228reduce unnecessary memory write traffic in non-SIMD codeGravatar Dong Bo 4 weeks
pr/3382Respond to review feedback.Gravatar Joe Darcy 4 weeks
pr/3374Use stream apiGravatar Guoxiong Li 4 weeks
pr/3393remove memprofileGravatar Yi Yang 4 weeks
pr/3319remove e.getMessage()Gravatar denghui.ddh 4 weeks
pr/3281test update with commentGravatar Hai-May Chao 4 weeks
pr/33088258788: incorrect response to change in window insets [lanai]Gravatar Alexey Ushakov 4 weeks
pr/33888264623: Change to Xcode 12.4 for building on Macos at OracleGravatar Mikael Vidstedt 4 weeks
pr/3386CountingClassHierarchyIteratorGravatar Vladimir Ivanov 4 weeks
pr/3385KlassDepChange::involves_contextGravatar Vladimir Ivanov 4 weeks
pr/33898264874: Build interim-langtools for HotSpot only if Graal is enabledGravatar iklam 4 weeks
pr/2976This code is used for testing purpose and lock should be acquired with noGravatar Amit Pawar 4 weeks
pr/33688264143: Change uint8_t to unsigned charGravatar Denis Konoplev 4 weeks
pr/33768264779: Shortened parameter commentGravatar Conor Cleary 4 weeks
pr/3379Updated comment per request from erikj79Gravatar Lutz Schmidt 4 weeks
pr/3349Merge branch 'master' into 8214455-relocated-archived-regions-to-heap-topGravatar iklam 4 weeks
pr/33838261301: StringWriter.flush() is NOOP but documentation does not indicate itGravatar Brian Burkhalter 4 weeks
pr/3348Removed excess spacesGravatar Zhengyu Gu 4 weeks
pr/3032assign unmodHeaders instead of original headersGravatar Julia Boes 4 weeks
pr/3365Removed unneeded anymore code in match_fill_loop()Gravatar Vladimir Kozlov 4 weeks
pr/3375Add volatileGravatar Coleen Phillimore 4 weeks
pr/3345remove unneeded statementGravatar Harold Seigel 4 weeks
pr/3336fix typo in test descriptionGravatar Hui Shi 5 weeks
pr/3361Document how to build and run on a specific JDKGravatar Roberto Castañeda Lozano 5 weeks
pr/3355use same method to compute memory_size with global_buffer_sizeGravatar Hui Shi 5 weeks
pr/33708264352: AArch64: Optimize vector "not/andNot" for NEON and SVEGravatar Xiaohong Gong 5 weeks
pr/33698264318: DrawHugeImageTest.java fails on apple M1Gravatar Denis Konoplev 5 weeks
pr/33678264809: test-lib fails to build due to some warnings in ASN1Formatter and jfrGravatar Jie Fu 5 weeks
pr/3146javadoc changeGravatar Prasanta Sadhukhan 5 weeks
pr/3233Rename --disableregistry to --disable-registryGravatar Yasumasa Suenaga 5 weeks
pr/3347Fix AppImagePackageTest.testEmpty(true) failureGravatar Alexey Semenyuk 5 weeks
pr/3151Add a blank line to separate condition from bodyGravatar Alexey Ivanov 5 weeks
pr/3296use computeIfAbsent insteadGravatar Anthony Scarpino 5 weeks
pr/3359Remove bug numberGravatar JimLaskey 5 weeks
pr/3274Updated copyright year.Gravatar Mahendra Chhipa 5 weeks
pr/33608264797: Do not include klassVtable.hpp from instanceKlass.hppGravatar iklam 5 weeks
pr/3358Fix for testGravatar Michael-Mc-Mahon 5 weeks
pr/3356Bot fixes for 2760Gravatar Thomas Schatzl 5 weeks
pr/3286Update the commentGravatar Jie Fu 5 weeks
pr/3344CleanupsGravatar Vladimir Ivanov 5 weeks
pr/33538264759: x86_32 Minimal VM build failure after JDK-8262355Gravatar Aleksey Shipilev 5 weeks
pr/3270Specify Xcode version; don't use --extra-{c,cxx,ld}flagsGravatar Anton Kozlov 5 weeks
pr/33518264748: Do not include arguments.hpp from compilerDefinitions.hppGravatar iklam 5 weeks
pr/3350member variable _monitor of MonitorLocker is redundantGravatar Xin Liu 5 weeks
pr/3312Merge branch 'master' into 8264565-templatize-dcmd-num-argumentsGravatar iklam 5 weeks
pr/3343Include initial date.Gravatar JimLaskey 5 weeks
pr/3342Remove extraneous whitespace from phase timings reportGravatar William Kemper 5 weeks
pr/1292Merge branch 'master' into 8248862Gravatar JimLaskey 5 weeks
pr/3306Review comment: Rearrange code to explicitly reference erased setterGravatar Jorn Vernee 5 weeks
pr/3167set skin.laf as beforeGravatar trebari 5 weeks
pr/3341Adjust javadoc for ByteArray*StreamGravatar Sergey Tsypanov 5 weeks
pr/3320improve modularityGravatar Yi Yang 5 weeks
pr/33398264686: ClhsdbTestConnectArgument.java should use SATestUtils::validateSADeb...Gravatar Yasumasa Suenaga 5 weeks
pr/3340memprofiling_crashGravatar Yi Yang 5 weeks
pr/3337Additionally remove detritus from PNGImageDecoder.javaGravatar Alex Blewitt 5 weeks
pr/3265Fix commentsGravatar Hui Shi 5 weeks
pr/32238255800: Raster creation methods need some specification clean upGravatar prrace 5 weeks
pr/33328264512: jdk/test/jdk/java/util/prefs/ExportNode.java relies on default platf...Gravatar Brian Burkhalter 5 weeks
pr/33318264662: ProblemList vmTestbase/jit/escape/AdaptiveBlocking/AdaptiveBlocking0...Gravatar Daniel D. Daugherty 5 weeks
pr/3291Bumping copyright date.Gravatar Ian Graves 5 weeks
pr/3325Add both ways cross-compilationGravatar Anton Kozlov 5 weeks
pr/33308264658: ProblemList javax/swing/JInternalFrame/8146321/JInternalFrameIconTes...Gravatar Daniel D. Daugherty 5 weeks
pr/3201MergeGravatar Daniel Fuchs 5 weeks
pr/3327JDK-8264655: Minor internal doc comment cleanupGravatar Jonathan Gibbons 5 weeks
pr/3309SharedRegionAlignmentTest: removed timeout on test, removed is_alignment_loggedGravatar Yumin Qi 5 weeks
pr/33268264554: X509KeyManagerImpl calls getProtectionParameter with incorrect aliasGravatar Xuelei Fan 5 weeks
pr/3324Reinsert omitted assignmentGravatar Doug Lea 5 weeks
pr/33228264564: AArch64: use MOVI instead of FMOV to zero FP registerGravatar Nick Gasson 5 weeks
pr/33218264639: SA: Worker thread for ptrace on Linux should be more robustnessGravatar Yasumasa Suenaga 5 weeks
pr/33348264543: Using Intel serialize instruction to replace cpuid in Cross modify f...Gravatar Xubo Zhang 5 weeks
pr/3313typo correct of unmapable character in the comment lineGravatar Xuelei Fan 5 weeks
pr/3333delete "do{...} while (false);"Gravatar mrserb 5 weeks
pr/27688262355: Rebasing patch, 32bit clean-up.Gravatar Jatin Bhateja 5 weeks
pr/32908264539: Change poll timeout on macOS; use RandomFactoryGravatar Brian Burkhalter 5 weeks
pr/3317Appease jcheck.Gravatar Joe Darcy 5 weeks
pr/3316Remove update from compilerOracleGravatar Nils Eliasson 5 weeks
pr/3200fix THREADGravatar Coleen Phillimore 5 weeks
pr/3315c1: allow inlining of excluded methodsGravatar Nils Eliasson 5 weeks
pr/3314Update second method.Gravatar Joe Darcy 5 weeks
pr/33108262280: Incorrect exception handling for VMThread in class redefinitionGravatar Coleen Phillimore 5 weeks
pr/3213javadoc changeGravatar Prasanta Sadhukhan 5 weeks
pr/3254Merge branch 'master' into 8264285-clean-up-setting-ccstr-jvm-flagsGravatar iklam 5 weeks
pr/2752Lance's review - include tests for --extract long form optionGravatar jpai 5 weeks
pr/3283Refactor code to use drawTex2TexGravatar jayathirthrao 5 weeks
pr/3297Refactor ClassHierarchyWalker::is_witness()Gravatar Vladimir Ivanov 5 weeks
pr/3288Fix trailing whitespaceGravatar Andy Herrick 5 weeks
pr/2874Merge branch 'master' into JDK-8262981Gravatar Pankaj Bansal 5 weeks
pr/33048166727: javac crashed: [jimage.dll+0x1942] ImageStrings::find+0x28Gravatar JimLaskey 5 weeks
pr/33028264409: AArch64: generate better code for Vector API allTrueGravatar Ningsheng Jian 5 weeks
pr/3284Updated copyright dates.Gravatar Christoph Göttschkes 5 weeks
pr/3211Move the changing to AbstractMask.andNot and revert changes in VectorMaskGravatar Xiaohong Gong 5 weeks
pr/33008264544: Case-insensitive comparison issue with supplementary characters.Gravatar Naoto Sato 5 weeks
pr/32998264557: Incorrect copyright year for test/micro/org/openjdk/bench/java/lang/...Gravatar Jie Fu 5 weeks
pr/3364Add initializer to DatabaseRecord(DatabaseView& view)Gravatar Yasumasa Suenaga 5 weeks
pr/32988263448: CTW: fatal error: meet not symmetricGravatar Vladimir Kozlov 5 weeks
pr/2899Address lyndseyBeil, robehn and sspitsyn CR comments.Gravatar Daniel D. Daugherty 5 weeks
pr/3289Add and remove comments.Gravatar Coleen Phillimore 5 weeks
pr/32958264514: HexFormat implementation tweaksGravatar Raffaello Giulietti 5 weeks
pr/33818264514: HexFormat implementation tweaksGravatar Raffaello Giulietti 5 weeks
pr/3239Merge branch 'master' into JDK-8012229Gravatar mrserb 5 weeks
pr/32948169629: Annotations with lambda expressions cause AnnotationFormatErroGravatar Joe Darcy 5 weeks
pr/3256Corrected typoGravatar Sandhya Viswanathan 5 weeks
pr/3293Convert context_type from Klass* to InstanceKlass*Gravatar Vladimir Ivanov 5 weeks
pr/32758264484: Replace uses of StringBuffer with StringBuilder in jdk.hotspot.agentGravatar Andrey Turbanov 5 weeks
pr/3287Update the copyright yearGravatar Jie Fu 5 weeks
pr/33018262900: ToolBasicTest fails to access HTTP server it startsGravatar Jan Lahoda 5 weeks
pr/32858264513: Cleanup CardTableBarrierSetC2::post_barrierGravatar Aleksey Shipilev 6 weeks
pr/3263JDK-8264048: Remove old version of RemoveJar testGravatar Aleksei Efimov 6 weeks
pr/3282Review AlanGravatar Stefan Karlsson 6 weeks
pr/3218add max_retries count, move shell methods to ProcUtils and add win methodsGravatar Fernando Guallini 6 weeks
pr/3352rootGravatar Albert Yang 6 weeks
pr/3269Review KimGravatar Stefan Karlsson 6 weeks
pr/3261add new jtreg test with VerifySharedSpacesGravatar Yi Yang 6 weeks
pr/3272dholmes CR - fix nit in assert mesg.Gravatar Daniel D. Daugherty 6 weeks
pr/32778264150: CDS dumping code calls TRAPS functions in VM threadGravatar Coleen Phillimore 6 weeks
pr/3207Rename MethodCounter allocate functions, refactor null checking.Gravatar Coleen Phillimore 6 weeks
pr/3278InitialGravatar Erik Gahlin 6 weeks
pr/3187Add matching VM version string in outputGravatar Yumin Qi 6 weeks
pr/32768264466: Cut-paste error in InterfaceCalls JMHGravatar Eric Caspole 6 weeks
pr/3252Updated copyright datesGravatar Alex Blewitt 6 weeks
pr/2986Revise comments and move trailing padding.Gravatar Man Cao 6 weeks
pr/31838263898: Fix one more line breakGravatar Brian Burkhalter 6 weeks
pr/32718264311: Heap object statisticsGravatar Roman Kennke 6 weeks
pr/2841cleanup MacroAssembler::safepoint_pollGravatar Martin Doerr 6 weeks
pr/3267reordered fields and methodsGravatar Sebastian Stenzel 6 weeks
pr/3262Fix mark stack overflowGravatar casparcwang 6 weeks
pr/3260fillGravatar Albert Yang 6 weeks
pr/3264oopstorage bulk allocationGravatar Kim Barrett 6 weeks
pr/3224Get rid of dependency on the Random classGravatar Evgeny Nikitin 6 weeks
pr/3215Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 8264271_avoid_creating_non_...Gravatar Stefan Karlsson 6 weeks
pr/3244annotated @bug for bug-idGravatar Yi Yang 6 weeks
pr/3042Add commentGravatar Yasumasa Suenaga 6 weeks
pr/3231update code styleGravatar Eric Liu 6 weeks
pr/2401trivial fixGravatar Wanghuang-Huawei 6 weeks
pr/32558264123.00.patchGravatar Daniel D. Daugherty 6 weeks
pr/3182Respond to review feedback.Gravatar Joe Darcy 6 weeks
pr/32538264397: Use the blessed modifier order in jdk.incubator.foreignGravatar Alex Blewitt 6 weeks
pr/3250initialGravatar Aleksandr Zvegintsev 6 weeks
pr/3226Additional code style fixesGravatar Vladimir Kozlov 6 weeks
pr/32478264193: Remove TRAPS parameters for modules and defaultmethodsGravatar Harold Seigel 6 weeks
pr/3248JDK-8264279Gravatar Zhengyu Gu 6 weeks
pr/32498248418: jpackage fails to extract main class and version from app module lin...Gravatar Alexey Semenyuk 6 weeks
pr/32578264306: Non deterministic generation of java/lang/invoke/MemberName.classGravatar Jan Lahoda 6 weeks
pr/3245testGravatar rwestrel 6 weeks
pr/3246JDK-8264374Gravatar Zhengyu Gu 6 weeks
pr/3243Initial implementation, move cleanup printing to closuresGravatar Thomas Schatzl 6 weeks
pr/32428264358: Don't create invalid oop in method handle tracingGravatar Stefan Karlsson 6 weeks
pr/3241Switch W^X in DestroyJavaVM, DetachCurrentThreadGravatar Anton Kozlov 6 weeks
pr/3198Use OPENJDK_BUILD_CPU_BITS insteadGravatar Magnus Ihse Bursie 6 weeks
pr/3196cleaned up some spacesGravatar Lutz Schmidt 6 weeks
pr/3214Remove unused value_fn parameterGravatar Stefan Karlsson 6 weeks
pr/32408264344: Outdated links in JavaComponentAccessibility.mGravatar Alexander Zuev 6 weeks
pr/32378264333: Use the blessed modifier order in jdk.jshellGravatar Alex Blewitt 6 weeks
pr/32348264334: Use the blessed modifier order in jdk.jpackageGravatar Alex Blewitt 6 weeks
pr/32368264332: Use the blessed modifier order in jdk.charsetsGravatar Alex Blewitt 6 weeks
pr/32358264331: Use the blessed modifier order in jdk.compilerGravatar Alex Blewitt 6 weeks
pr/3229TidyGravatar Attila Szegedi 6 weeks
pr/32328264329: Z cannot be 1 for Diffie-Hellman key agreementGravatar Xuelei Fan 6 weeks
pr/3210Remove trailing whitespaceGravatar Tagir Valeev 6 weeks
pr/3230Update bug8072767.javaGravatar serb 6 weeks
pr/3227simplify reduce_deferred_updatesGravatar Kim Barrett 6 weeks
pr/3101restore not_suspended with default argumentGravatar Patricio Chilano Mateo 6 weeks
pr/3222Remove getSettings()Gravatar Erik Gahlin 6 weeks
pr/3203@iklam review commentGravatar Calvin Cheung 6 weeks
pr/32218264240: [macos_aarch64] enable appcds support after JDK-8263002Gravatar Vladimir Kempik 6 weeks
pr/3194Address dholmes's commentsGravatar Harold Seigel 6 weeks
pr/32198264285: Do not support FLAG_SET_XXX for VM flags of string typeGravatar iklam 6 weeks
pr/3217use tmp array, if buffer doesn't have an arrayGravatar Sebastian Stenzel 6 weeks
pr/2916Merge branch 'master' into JDK-8262958Gravatar Sebastian Stenzel 6 weeks
pr/3087Update copyrightGravatar Koichi Sakata 6 weeks
pr/3220Fixing compilation error.Gravatar Jan Lahoda 6 weeks
pr/32168264273: macOS: zero VM is broken due to no member named 'is_cpu_emulated' af...Gravatar Jie Fu 6 weeks
pr/3205Remove unused HexFormat instancesGravatar Roger Riggs 6 weeks
pr/32068262953: [TESTBUG] Test /runtime/containers/cgroup/PlainRead.java fails if CP...Gravatar Anton Ostrouhhov 6 weeks
pr/31898264161: ArithmeticException not declared for BigDecimal#stripTrailingZerosGravatar Fabian Meumertzheim 6 weeks
pr/2826Merge branch 'master' into bitwiseGravatar Sergey Tsypanov 2 months
pr/21188213766: Assertion error in TypeAnnotations.resolveFrameGravatar Guoxiong Li 4 months
pr/1959Modify elts to elements. Use correct line separator.Gravatar Guoxiong Li 4 months
pr/1864Modify legal header.Gravatar Guoxiong Li 4 months
pr/18528066694: Strange code in JavacParser.javaGravatar Andrey Turbanov 5 months